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Kratos Himself – A Town Called Imaginarium – EP [Free/Pay what you want]
Released June 24th 2013 on Jus Like Music Records

Buy / Download @ bandcamp


Kratos Himself – Imagination – EP [Free/Pay what you want] Limited 100 cd’s
Released October 1th 2013 on Export Label

Buy / Download @ bandcamp


Partpanda – Way Back When (Kratos Himself remix) – Single  [Free]
Released August 9th 2013

Download @ XLR8R


Kratos Himself – Lonely Ride  - Single  [€1,00]
Vocals by K.J.B. Part of the Project: My Mellow Yellow Taxi.
Released on Project: Mooncircle’s V/A 10th Anniversary Compilation.
March 2012

Download/Buy @ bandcamp (Digital)

Download/Buy Project: Mooncircle’s V/A Compilation @ bandcamp (Digital) €15
Buy Project: Mooncircle’s V/A Compilation @ (4LP box +T-shirt) €35
Buy Project: Mooncircle’s V/A Compilation @ (4LP box) €30


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